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Neon Genesis Evangelion: An article about color correcting the hideous Renewal’s Episode 19 BD.

Posted by sephirotic em outubro 11, 2015

Here is a little case study for my color correction of Evangelion Episode’s 19:

I took the idea about actually talking about the process of editing this episode from RX782’s blog. thanks a lot to him.

The  biggest issue regarding episode 19 that made me want to color correct individual scenes is that the color cast and contrast issues are not consistent. A single half second shot may look good  but the following frames become completely dark and underexposed. This can be seen, for example, on these individual frames from follow up shots:


Similar color discrepancies can be seen on follow up scenes too, take a look on Shinji’s face and his shirt’s shades on these screenshots from the BD:



Difficult to believe these shots were colored by the same team and for the same episode as they are shown 3 seconds apart, the original broadcast also has this issue but the color balance at least remained the same for the two shots:



But even so, the original broadcast version also has some minor exposition issues, notably Eva Unit 01 regenerating her arm like the first picture above, the shot looks considerable darker than the previous one, I suspect mainly due to the “blur” effect that was added for the scene

Compared to other episodes that reuses these same cells or have similar shots the issues become very clear as being cronical to episode 19. As a matter of fact, episode 19 looks the worse from all the episodes on the BD (with the exception of 16, of course).

It’s also important to note that all color and exposition issues from the BD appear identical on the original DVD remaster from 2003.

I believe this has something to do with several animation issues that have been fixed from the original broadcast version, as can be seen here:

Animation Fixes

I wonder how these corrections were originally made, but I suspect a new master film was created after such corrections and this new master wasn’t properly exposed like other episodes that look miles better. Then the episode 19 BD was made from this same new film master from the 2003 renewal.

Speaking of which, the more cell layers are used for composing a scene, the darker it’ll look by the way, this can be seen on two follow up scenes of Asuka shooting zeruel further bellow.

The first scene has at least two extra cell layers for the explosion and the bullet tracers from Unit 02, but the next scene omits these two extra layers, thus it becomes clearly slightly lighter. This is also present on the original broadcast.

Such overlay issues are inherently to full analogical animation with no digital balance, as it’s difficult to compensate the exposition by just increasing the amount of light of the capture machine, sometimes even if correcting the exposure is indeed possible by controlling the light source, the colors may be off since the cells not only aren’t perfectly transparent, but they may filter some color wavelength to pass slighter easier than others. There is a notable example of that on episode 01, the moment the extra layer for the exhaust fumes of the missile are added on the composition, the Airplane becomes slightly lighter and more yellowish.

Those two scenes can be better noticed with

(Also is fun to note the cell shadow casting as the whole composition becomes thicker)

Talking about episode 01, lets take a look at two extra shots from episode 01 that also appears on episode 19


As we can see, both look darker, on the second one there is an excessive contrast and the trucks don’t look as green as they are supposed to.

Still on the subject of lightning issue of composition cell animation, there is one thing that I suspect is partially the cause of some over dark scenes. I noted that on the original broadcast which had a much better exposition, the light flashes from explosions tended to clip from overexposure more often than on the Renewal’s version.  So, they probably choose to reduce the clipping on the flashes from explosion blast in the expense of making everything else looks darker, which kinda of seen foolish, after all, explosion flashes are fast single frame shots supposed to look “blinding” anyway.

The original broadcast pre-renewal version has a very uniform color and almost none of the mentioned exposure or tints whatsoever, well of course, if you exclude the homogeneous yellow color tint that plagues ALL SCENES and ALL episodes from the original masters. I’ve been told by RX782 that In the original RENEWAL information booklet that came with the BD’s, that Anno has specifically stated that he wanted a color identical to the Renewal’s remaster and that this may be the  main issue for episode 1 and 2 looking yellow-greenish. But I suspect that episode 19, as was remastered for the renewal, had some several quality check issues too.

In anyway, I decided to color adjust exposition and color correction for these scenes and managed to do so without increasing the clipping on (most scenes) by creating some non linear curve profiles or to pull up just unbalanced color channels such as this:

bandicam 2015-10-10 21-08-50-063

For one particular scene, of Eva Unit 02 firing the rocket launchers, having a single curve would not work to avoid clipping, so I actually did a frame-by-frame correction with a reduced boost of luminance on the flashing scenes. This was the only extreme situation were I actually level-corrected individual frames to avoid clipping.

bandicam 2015-10-10 21-11-42-965 bandicam 2015-10-10 21-11-35-084

Talking about color now, lets take a look at some examples of incosistent color casts throughout the episode:

Some examples of different color casts can be seen here:

Very strong blue cast,

Trailer V2 splited.mkv_snapshot_00.28_[2015.10.10_21.14.02]

Yellow cast

Trailer V2 splited.mkv_snapshot_00.21_[2015.10.10_21.16.02]

Greenish  cast

Trailer V2 splited.mkv_snapshot_00.17_[2015.10.10_21.13.27]

Reddish Cast

Trailer V2 splited.mkv_snapshot_00.30_[2015.10.10_21.14.16]

Usually the most common color cast in Eva is the yellowish, but episode 19 has some pretty weird strong blue cast on some scenes as well as some greenish and reddish too, pretty much a full rainbow of colors.

I’m usually against messing with color grading of original movies and animation, usually an uniform color cast is the (photography) director’s choice. Notably the green cast on Th Matrix to represent the scenes were they are plugged in. Some people don’t like that extreme color cast, but that is a creative choice of the director and we shouldn’t be entitled to change it.

However, I don’t believe this rainbow clusterfuck of colors are a director’s choice, mainly because color grading in animation usually only affect midtones, not highlights or are done in the coloring process, and thus shouldn’t affect the WHOLE balance of the picture. And how can you know that highlights are affected? Simple, by looking at white balance on the eyes.
Take a look of some examples on the color-wheel bellow.

Now, color correcting anime is much easier than live-action video, because as a start point, you can pick up the white point of the eye as they are 99% of the time colored with “pure” white paint and this would usually adjust the colors in the whole scene.

Initially I mostly did that,  but on second passes I noticed that there are some common darker blue and green cast independent of the highlight colors, which led me to more subjectively needing to adjust the darker tones too.

analysing color wheel and rgb parade

(I used the RGB curves and RGB parade monitor for all the color correction, always pulling the highlights up and aligning the parts that represents the eyes, pic related)

Notably two scenes I’d like to mention, first is that very strong blue cast scene of Shinji about to enter Nerv’s car to go away. By just adjusting the white point, the dark black paint of the car becomes greenish, which is obviously not correct, specially when you compare it to the original broadcast. So I had to reduce the dark-green tones to compensate. By doing so this also messed up with the mid-green tones of the background forest, so I had to boost the mid-tones of the greens to make the mountains look more natural while taking care not to mess the skin-tone of Shinji. A very difficult scene to work with.

(pic related)


BD Renewal

With color correction:

Color Corrected Curves

Color Corrected Curves

Then I thought that a following scene, which also had a very strong blue cast, would work with the same curves from that previous scene, but it didn’t. Instead of a dark green cast, this scene had a dark blue cast making the trees look alien. I had to actually INCREASE the dark green tones and decrease the dark blue tones opposed to previous scene to make the trees look natural.  Again, looking at the original broadcast version helped to determine a more ideal color for the scene.

Trailer V2 splited.mkv_snapshot_00.30_[2015.10.10_21.51.39]

Some scenes, however, were impossible to determine what an “ideal” color correction should have been, specially the final Eva Unit 01 berserk scene. Just like Episode 16, as the Eva enters berserk, suddenly, a “red” tint takes place on the whole scene. This is clearly a director’s choice. This is very noticeable on the transtion of two shots on the original non-renewal Episode broadcast like we can see here:

I don’t know why, but for the Renewal, both the episode 16 and 19 this red color cast was removed. However, strangely, on the same scene on the BD Remastered Death Movie, you can see how the purple tone of Unit 01 is slightly more reddish than the remastered version of Episode 19. I wonder what the correct tone of Eva Unit 01’s purple was supposed to look. Unfortunately we don’t have a reference color pallet to look up.

I ended up using EoE as reference as it has a more uniform and professional color balance and the whites are almost all the time correct. Even so, as I was correcting the final scenes of Episode 19, I allowed myself some freedom to pull the red a little bit more on the scenes the core of Unit 01 is seen because it was too dark while on the original broadcast it had a much more vivid red color.

BD original ep 19

BD original ep 19

Broadcast ep 19

Broadcast ep 19

Broadcast ep 19

Broadcast ep 19

BD ep 19

BD ep 19

Death Episode 19

Death Episode 19

Death Episode 19

Death Episode 19

Only one extra type of scene I allowed myself such freedoms, was explosion shots. They were ridiculous dark and there were no good way that I could get a reference to make then “corrected” properly. So I just made then brighter and  reddish to my personal taste:

Trailer V2 splited.mkv_snapshot_00.36_[2015.10.10_21.14.42]

Trailer V2 splited.mkv_snapshot_00.39_[2015.10.10_21.14.56]

Before finishing, it’s also interesting to show up the scenes that I left untouched. Most of these scenes had a particular color cast which were already proper exposed and which I couldn’t evaluate how to change. Such as the hospital scene, which was well exposed so not even a level correction was necessary.

[Sephirotic]Evangelion - 19 [1080p 8bit AAC] [ENG CH PT FR ITA SPA GER JP RUS] [77A0F0A0].mkv_snapshot_03.07_[2015.10.10_19.39.24][Sephirotic]Evangelion - 19 [1080p 8bit AAC] [ENG CH PT FR ITA SPA GER JP RUS] [77A0F0A0].mkv_snapshot_05.57_[2015.10.10_19.39.11]

The mindfuck-train was also notably too sensitive to change, while I could have pulled the exposition a little bit up, that would mess up with the gamma and made everything more reddish, so I decided not to mess up with it.

BD Original

BD Original



One particular shot that was, opposed to most of the episode, very bright, was this quick shot of Shinji imprisoned. Strangely it looks quite noisier than the rest of the episode (which had a very ugly smudged DNR, by the way) which may make us suspect it was “pulled” or overexposed from the original film exposition. I wonder why they didn’t bother doing it with other scenes.

BD original

BD original

And finally, here is an example of a director’s particular choice of color grading post-renewal:

BD Original

BD Original

Originally on the broadcast, this scene wasn’t that much red. The director probably choose to alter it for renewal to make it more “Impactant”. Interesting enough, the BD Death version of this scene doesn’t have that color cast either:



Death (BD)

Death (BD)

That was pretty much the most important and relevant parts of the process of color correcting Episode 19.

Hope you guys enjoyed it and please excuse English mistakes, this isn’t my first language.

You can find me on “Nyaa”.


19 Respostas to “Neon Genesis Evangelion: An article about color correcting the hideous Renewal’s Episode 19 BD.”

  1. Wings said

    Could you link RX’s blog at the beginning of the post, I’d really like to get a look at the work he put into all this.
    Also, how is his release measuring up to yours at this point? You’re v2 release is looking quite impressive with all this color correction work, is RX also doing something similar?

  2. Fussoir said

    Hi sephirotic,

    Could you please send your color correction project to this email address, as you proposed on Nyaa? Thank you very much.

  3. sephirotic said

    Hi fussoir. Couldn’d find your email in this comment, I’m not very used to wordpress. Anyway, here is the link to the project if you see this reply: Sorry for the time it took for me to reply. If you plan on releasing your own encoded version of the Eva BDs would you be interested to add ASS PT subtitles to it too? I noticed your Boogiepop Phantom release (which I downloaded and replaced my older release, your were better) had several different subtitle languages.

    You can contact me in this email:
    Thank you.

  4. whomiartist said

    Thanks Sephirotic. I checked ep19 V2 and I decided I will wait for your whole V2 eps. Actually I waited to buy bluray because I’m a big fan of evangelion since I was little. But when I saw actual bluray image, I was disappointed and decided not to buy bluray untill they will fix it. Anyway I like your work and I wanna say thanks to you.

  5. Fussoir said

    Hi again, any news about your revised PT subtitles?

  6. boy32 said

    Hey. When are you gonna rls the batch of whole series?
    In the batch all episodes it’ll be edited like episode 19?

    Sorry for my post but i love nge and your job is great so i want it in the best quality if you know what i mean.

  7. wintervocal said

    Is your v2 batch still coming?

    Also, great work on all of this!

  8. sephirotic said

    Yes, I’m still working on it. Unfortunately I haven’t found anyone that could help me with the PT subtitles so it’s taking a while. I have 15 eps ready.

  9. sephirotic said

    Not all episodes have bad color balance, and even if they do, color correcting scene-by-scene is an enormous task for a single person. Episode 19 took over 12 hours alone, although since it was very bad it made the made the work more complicated.
    I decided to color correct some keys episodes: 21-24, 1,2 and 8 are confirmed, I have already finished work on 1,2, 8 and 22. (Spent around 4 hours on 1,2, and 8, and 6 hours on 22).

    Maybe I’ll also color correct episode 5, 16 and 18 too.

    The batch will take a while since I haven’t found anyone to help with the PT subtitles which I’m remaking.

    I’ll try finish it before the end of the year.

  10. sephirotic said

    Still working on it, subs are going slow as I haven’t find anyone to do a QC, still I’ve done 15 subs so far. I also decided to color correct other episodes, I color corrected episodes 1,2, 8 and 22 so far and plan on finishing all DC’s and maybe episodes 5, 18 and 16 too.

  11. afan101 said

    Hello Sephirotic,

    Excellent work color-correcting the episodes! I was wondering how much you’ve finished color-correcting the episodes you wanted to do, as you mentioned that you’d try to finish before the end of the year?

    Also, were you able to find anyone to help you with the PT subtitles? If not, try asking on the Kametsu forums – it has a very active and engaged community.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  12. Sby said

    Hi sephirotic!

    Will your definitive batch that will contain 1,2, 8, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23 and 24 be encoded with Fussoir’s filter chain? Also, will there be a 10-bit version?

    Thanks for your work!!

  13. Dor Ling said

    Sephirotic, your efforts shame my obsession for Eva. Your compilation/correction work is a work of love. It would be interesting to see what entity was responsible for the BD remaster, whether this entity had any interest in Eva at all.

    Thank you so much. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate this significant contribution to the Eva fandom.

  14. Ain'tsharingmyusernamesohertsnobanme said

    Such a shame stupid people who lock down threads, just because things don’t go their way. are privileged with having the moderating authority (the dude herkz who locked your torrent on nyaa from it being commented on, just because you were not easy to talk to, just because you didn’t suck his dick. Fucking baphoons).

  15. Aureliano said

    I was just checking out your wonderful 2.22 Evangelion torrent. Thank you for your extraordinary work and your devotion to this project. And for sharing it with other fans. You are awesome.

  16. kit said

    hi, i saw your comparison screenshots on nyaa from your batch, and a lot of your colour correction, intrigued me, i’d probably say is the word. the one that stuck out most to me was rei in the cockpit from episode 22, where in the original it’s got a very strong blue colour. but the sky is also quite overcast in the scene, your colour correction seems to make it like the lighting in her cockpit is perfect neutral sunlight. i don’t wonder if the, say, yellow hue of the command centre is meant to show the artificial lights, the blue of the outside scene bc of clouds, the greenish of shinji’s bed coming from ambient light filtering off his walls, etc.

    you mentioned a lot of your colour correction was done by assuming they wanted characters’ eyes to be pure white, but most artists i know rarely want anything to be actually pure white, since it’s too harsh.

    i haven’t actually watched your version yet, because it’s downloading, but i just. idk, a lot of the comparison screenshots you posted on your BD batch seem to me like ignoring the subtle environmental lighting. i did notice that you pretty much made everyone’s skin-tones the same, shinji’s eyes and shirt pure white, etc. in a couple of them, on my monitor anyway (which does have a tendency to crush some blacks by itself, compared to my tv [which i first noticed watching lain]) some of the blacks seemed crushed compared to the original shot.

    obviously the colour composition changing mid-scene would seem to be a mistake, and maybe all of the colour changes you made in the comparisons are actually that, which i of course cannot tell just from a still of a scene that i don’t remember all that well.

    i just remember seeing some people “colour corrected” some steven universe episodes that they said looked “more washed out than normal”, when it was literally raining outside in those episodes, and sunny in the ones they consider “normal”? and character’s darker hair had all detail crushed out, brighter colours actually became too bright, etc.

    i know you’ve put a lot of time and effort and attention into these, and i don’t want to seem like i know better than you or anything, but at the same time, i am also an artist who spends a hell of a lot of time thinking about colour relating to lighting, and some of your comparison screenshots would seem to me to be caring more about the characters’ “true colour” over the colour the lighting of the scene provides. harking back to rei in her cockpit, in the colour-corrected shot the outside through her “window” looks really odd to me, but in the “original” (actually someone else’s release, but i took from your comments that they didn’t colour correct), the outside viewed through her “window” seems natural to me for an overcast sky. as, if i recall, it wasn’t exactly bright out when that happened. it was evening-time, right? (if i’m remembering rightly as it being the scene where rei-02 sacrifices herself) ((i would just load up the episode to check on my DVDrip, but my NAS where all my anime is stored actually broke a couple of weeks ago, and is awaiting a new motherboard.))

    i guess what i’m doing is just taking a lot of words to say that, just going by screenshots, i got the impression that your colour correction assumed the same environmental lighting, even in situations where it seems to me that they shouldn’t be the same?

    once again, i don’t say this just to. insult you, or whatever. i was super intrigued by your colour correction process, which is why i visited this blog in the first place, but then found that you didn’t cover any of the specific screenshots i was curious about in this blog post, so i’ve instead opted to leave this (growing worryingly longer) comment

    basically, i highly encourage you to just put all thoughts you have while reading this in your comment, because the main thing i want to get from this is a deeper understanding of your thought process.

    i know you care about preserving fine detail and film grain, which is also something i care a lot about, which is why i was drawn to your release in the first place.

  17. sephirotic said

    Hello, Kit.

    Your criticism is welcome.
    I have been postponing writing a full article explaining the color correction for the DC for a while now. I’ve been busy with my post-graduation studies and still have some projects to finish regarding EVA before I can do a detailed explanation of all the changes. I wanted to finish the article close to the release of the batch but I simply didn’t have the time, tough I have discussed on some forums and explained individually many of the scenes I changed the color before and saved the comments for posterity.
    First of all I’ll repeat what I said in other situations: I have studied videography and worked in a video producer and am very much interested in photography and art direction so I’m not a complete amateur. You don’t need to worry about crushed blacks or clipped whites, most of the curve corrections I’ve made are non linear and I have monitored the levels through RGB parade. You can check some SS of the tools used on this article. I have always made the point that color grading should be respected even if it is unpopular. The point of my corrections is not about changing artistic choices, but correcting technical problems. There are popular criticism on remasters of blu rays of old film movies that some color grading have been lost, or for example, that the color grading choices of some movies are bad like in Matrix: The idea of making everything look green inside the Matrix was interesting as a concept but in practice made the movie look ugly. If I were to make a release of Matrix I’d never touch those green casts. I’m not as presumptuous as to touch the concept of the original piece.

    Initially when I was working with Episode 19, my initial intent was not even to touch the colors, but to bump up the exposition. It has been widely known that the episodes that had restorations on the Renewal looked quite dark and underexposed, if you take a look on the RGB parade or histogram of some shots of Asuka firing at Zeruel, even tough there are flashes of expolosions the luminance don’t even get to 60%. However, as I worked scene by scene on the episodes I started to notice weird color casts that looked absolutely random from scene to scene. In one angle Shinji when talking to Misato looked blue, in an upclose shot he looked green, and there was absolutely no sense in those colors choices; they weren’t setting a mood or simulating some light cast, in fact the background of Shinji saying farewell to Misato was reused from episode 4 and I of course went back to check it out and found that it had no such blue casts are present in the older episode. I then decided to check the recently acquired ARCHIVAl version of Eva which were made from the digital masters of the television broadcast back in 95. Those masters where freshly scanned from the very original film stock and surprisingly they look quite well exposed, and tough the analogic SD NTSC standard makes things look quite mushy, the color is very consistent on the broadcast. I then decided to use the archival as ONE (not exclusive) source reference for comparison. Death and Rebirth was an interesting reference too because it was compiled by capturing the original Film stocks and later color graded to be displayed on theaters as early as 1997. It has then become clear to me, that the color fluctuations were not due to an artistic direction choice but they WERE CREATED ACCIDENTALLY DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES. Of course this does not mean that every single scene that is not perfectly white balanced and neutral was wrongly colored and had to be checked, there are indeed some color casts which are intentional, such as the hospital scenes, the sunset of Episode 24 or the Hell train scenes. But in those scenes the color cast is quite evident. Notably in the pre-renewal version of Episode 16 and 19, there is a sudden uniform red filter that is added when the scene gets blodly (I cover this in this archive) that was later removed in the renewal, this was obviously an intentional change and I respected that, but it is interesting to see how such intentional changes were much more constant and uniform and didn’t fluctuate shot by shot. One picture compilation I made that tried to show several inconsistencies that didn’t make sense as a “artistic color grading choice” was this one: where you can see re-used cells in different episodes and even follow up shots separated by just a couple of minutes had weird variations. A chronic issue of blueish cast on darker tones is also noticeable, this is a specific problem of the new BD capture which I believe is due to a not very well calibrated equipment. Objects and clothes that were originally dark grey shifted towards blue in the renewal. (Of course I didn’t take the Rebuild as a reference at all for my restorations, that shot of the SDAT from the Renewal was just a curiosity)

    With all that considered, I was confident that I had found most of the patterns of the problems and that I could identify when the color grading was intentional and when the fluctuations where acidental.

    Now regarding specifically Episode 22. First of all, this is my favourite Episode of all the series because it dwells deeply inside Asuka’s mind and have some awesome shots of Unit 02. It is also by far one of the worst of all the series in terms of underexposed shots, after or course, episode 19. Of course initially I also thought that the rain scene was supposed to look dark and blue at first as to set a depressing mood, but it is important to realize that that rain was actually occurring during daytime! It was very interesting when some people criticized my changes on the rain that they claimed “it looks day now!! The scene was supposed to happen at night!” But then I pointed out that it was day when Asuka get to the Central, it was day when the Eva was recovered just after the fight and most importantly, when the longinus spear clears the clouds you can see the blue sky and the Earth lit by the sun! The scene looks so underexposed that people mistakenly believed the scene occurred at night! Of course this could very well be an artistic choice but watching the Episode scene by scene and comparing with both the Archival and the rare perfect collection pre-renewal version DVD, as well as reused footage from episode 04 and 25, I was convinced that the DARK BLUE CAST was a problem of the capture machine as illustrated in the previous image. Here is all the shots of the first rain background in this picture: Notice that the very dramatic dark blue is only present in this very shot and it is severely reduced in the follow up scenes where the rains looks brighter and greener, although it still have some fluctuations between blue and green later, I mostly reduced the fluctuations to a more constant look, again, closer to the Archival. As I said, I believe these oscillations of luminance are due to a poor mastering of the film, and the blue cast is a result of the capture machine of the BD: The darker the picture, the bluer it looks. Ironically I had a guy criticizing me to “ruin the mood” of something I have concluded to be a junction of two technical flaws altogether.

    Regarding some corrections of shots involving Asuka:

    I don’t know if you have seen this but here maybe there are some of the pictures you were referring in your comment:

    For no apparent reason, in the renewal version of Episode 22, when Asuka says: “You can’t fail, Asuka!” The close in of her face looks terrible darker than the original archival version and the pre-renewal episode 22. I really doubt this was intentional and believe the chronicle underexposed shots was a problem that appeared when mastering the film and capturing the cells back when they released the Renewal version in 2003. Episode 22 like 19 had a newly made film stock to fix animation mistakes and I think is no coincidence that those two episodes share the worst underexposing of all the episodes. (again in that image the GOS shot was not used as a reference for the actual color correction, I just added it as a curiosity about how the original character design colors look and incidentally the ones that get the bright orange tone of Asuka’s the closest to the “correct” is once again the archival, while the renewal 22 looks almost as she has a dark brown hair instead of the “reddish/orange/ginger/copper/light brown”.

    Anyway, more detailed explanation regarding the color correction choices for the DC, please wait till I finish my full article, I will address all episodes there including some controversial regarding Kaworu looking purple or red or blue in some shots. I should finish the article by December, maybe January. If you have any other specific scenes you want me to address, please just reply here. I can only appreciate your constructive criticism as it served as a excuse for me to actually start drafting the text I’ll use for my final post.

    Thank you.

    Some other points you brought:

    “some of your comparison screenshots would seem to me to be caring more about the characters’ “true colour” over the colour the lighting of the scene provides. ”

    Some scenes indeed have several problems in all color channels and luminosity, so some concession needs to be done, usually in photography people tend to look at the face of characters so the main priority was indeed getting the skin tones and also the color of the hair right. In some cases this meant that some minor background colors could be affected but this is the minority of the cases and I have only permitted such discrepancies if the overall frame looked better. In the particular case of Rei throwing the Spear, that was a different issue, I intentionally removed the dark blue cast in the sky which I deemed as explained earlier as a capture problem, not as an intentional art director choice.

    ” a lot of the comparison screenshots you posted on your BD batch seem to me like ignoring the subtle environmental lighting. i did notice that you pretty much made everyone’s skin-tones the same, shinji’s eyes and shirt pure white, etc.”

    In some indoor scenes I noticed a Yellow cast too and I had a difficult time determining if that was intentional to try and simulate the indoor ambient light or if it was just another irregularity. Most of the archival has a constant yellowish tone which some speculate was intentionally made by Anno, but then removed later in the Renewal. weirdly SOME indoor scenes remained quite yellow while many others were more neutral. The problem also varies a lot depending of the episode. Episodes 1 and 2 had a yellow-greenish cast, while Episode 12 was notably quite well balanced and neutral, I thus don’t believe that the yellow casts indoors happens intentionally scene-based. It’s also important to note that the choice of color casts was pretty limited on analogical era animation. Most of the art color directions was made mostly by the choice of color pallete on the cells and background and hardly light filters were added to the capture machine, and when such casts were added, they were more easily noticed and quite constant. Like I said, there are some instances of when that is visible in the series, but for most of the color casts I addressed I believed they were accidental, many of them were subtle and inconsistent to be intentionally added and deviated depending of the source of the episode (for reused cells and backgrounds such as Shinji’s shirt when he is at his living room or room)

    “some of the blacks seemed crushed compared to the original shot.”
    I assure you that there was almost no scene where I reduced the luminance, and the rare ocasions that I did I always was careful looking at the RGB parade to not crush the blacks. Make sure your monitor’s gamma and contrast is well calibrated.

  18. sephirotic said

    Thank you very much!

  19. sephirotic said

    Yes, this whole project only enticed my curiosity about what the hell the guys at Sony where doing for this BD, and also for the 2003 renewal capture to make everything looks so weird. Thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply.

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